Move Beyond The Resume

Who you are, or who you seek, is difficult to recognize when only given a sheet of paper. Resumes tell the facts, but they limit the personality.

Instead, there’s Mi3, an online video platform that connects job seekers and employers quickly and more personally. Job seekers record their answers to the 5 most asked interview questions, which gives employers a view of the person’s potential and allows them to quickly choose the right candidate to pursue.

How It Works

Job Seekers



Find Qualified People Faster

Cut the time and the headache of hiring with Mi3 videos. Applicants share who they are in their own words, while answering the 5 top interview questions. Instead of scheduling time-consuming in-person interviews, Mi3 videos are limited to 3-minutes and allow you to review the job candidates when it fits your schedule.

With Mi3, you can find the perfect candidate at a fraction of the time! To get started, make sure you re-quest all job applicants provide Mi3 video links with their resumes.

Job Seekers

Be Seen, Be Heard, Get Hired.

Set yourself apart from the competition by showing your future employers the real you. Instead of simply submitting a resume, get noticed by sending a video that showcases who you are, what you have to offer, and why an employer should hire you immediately.

Record your 3-minute Mi3 video today! We will give you the top 5 most commonly asked interview questions to answer. Now’s the time to find the job of your dreams.

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